Read This If you Train in Combat Arts (MMA, Grappling, Muay Thai, BJJ, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Judo, Etc.)
...And Want to be Stronger and More Explosive

Finally A Proven Weight Training System for Attaining Explosive Power, Strength and Cardio All At The Same Time…
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Discover How You Can Become A Stronger, More Explosive and Better Conditioned Combat Athlete – No Matter What Shape You’re In Now By Simply Applying the MxT Method for Athletic Performance!!

This Means That If YOU Want To...

  • Improve your POWER
  • Increase Your Overall STRENGTH
  • Jump HIGHER
  • KICK Harder
  • PUNCH Harder
  • Or Do ANYTHING That Involves Moving FAST & Explosively...

Then YOU HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION To What You Can Learn From This Course.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that strength has nothing to do with athletic performance.

In fact, all factors being equal, A STRONGER MUSCLE IS A FASTER MUSCLE TOO.

So regardless of whether you train in the Combat Arts like MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, Grappling (like most readers of this site) or just football, basketball, or any team sport – being stronger and more explosive in key areas of the body can make dramatic improvements in your performance – even making the difference between victory and defeat.

If we take a look at any power sport (or team sport) athlete, you will notice how strong they are from a pound-for-pound basis.

Sprinters, American Football position players, MMA Fighters, Olympic weightlifters and Olympic Gymnasts come to mind.

Being strong as a combat athlete means you need to develop physical attributes like strength, power, explosiveness, muscular endurance and cardio conditioning.

This is the basis of what we are to help you do…build strength

Increased STRENGTH = Better Overall PERFORMANCE

Strength is your foundation for all athletic qualities.

Therefore as an athlete, you primary responsibility is to 1) increase your skill at your chosen art or sport AND 2) increase your pound-for-pound strength…which is also a SKILL.

Why is that significant?

Because it says everything about how you should train and develop as a combat fighter who is interested in improving himself or herself both physically and mentally.

Strength is the container from which all other physical qualities or training goals can be added.

If your goal is hypertrophy – the stronger you are the more weight you’ll be able to lift, the bigger you’ll get.

If your goal is power – the stronger you are, the more weight you’ll be able to lift at a faster pace, the more explosive you’ll get.

If your goal is endurance – the stronger you are, the more weight you’ll be able to lift for a longer, more metabolically demanding duration, thus building endurance.


In a 2008 study conducted by Oyvind Storen et al in Norway, 2 groups of runners were tested.

Group 1 (the control group) performed their standard endurance training runs 4 days per week.

Group 2 performed their standard 4 days of training runs in addition to 3 days per week of barbell squat focused training.

At the end of 8 weeks, the strength training group not only became stronger, but also more powerful – they were able to generate force much more quickly – and displayed a 5% increase in running economy and a 21% improvement (!) in a tested treadmill run to exhaustion.

The non-strength training group displayed no increase on either mark.

So Then, How Do YOU Get Stronger?

Meet Your Trainers...


Marc “Funk” Roberts, President and Owner of Funk Roberts Fitness, is a former Professional Beach Volleyball player turned Fitness trainer. Funk is an MMA Conditioning Coach that has helped thousands of combat fighters from around the world improve their overall strength, conditioning and nutrition and reach their fitness goals.

Funk is a Certified Metabolic Training Expert, Kettlebell Specialist, Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach, Celebrity Fat Loss Expert and Personal Trainer. He was just named one of America’s Premiere Experts and has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox TV.


Chris is a 13 year veteran in the fitness and strength & conditioning field getting certified as a personal trainer while completing his Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Guelph back in 2000.

He is now an NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, the 1st Certified Turbulence Trainer and now a Master Trainer with Turbulence Training and one of only two Level 2 StrongFirst Girya (SFG2) Kettlebell Instructors in all of Canada.

WARNING: STOP Doing Traditional Bodybuilding Workouts Because They Are Making You Slow And Creating Dumb Muscles!

If you are still wasting your time with traditional weight training routines that you find in the popular “bodybuilding” magazines.

You have to STOP NOW!

Just getting “bigger” is not going to help you develop overall strength. You need to get stronger in the right areas and in the right way.

Plus these routines were NOT designed for the combat fighter that must improve multiple key attributes needed to be a better athlete.

They were designed for bodybuilders who care about looking better and could care less about moving.

It’s important to understand, you do not have time to FOOL AROUND with these SILLY ROUTINES that leave you with SUB PAR results and worst of all still STRIVING to improve your overall strength and conditioning.

You need to build explosiveness for ferocious takedowns, muscular endurance to out grapple your opponent into submission, harder kicks, more powerful knockout punches, long lasting cardio, and brute strength to throw, lift and manhandle your opponent.

This is the KEY TO VICTORY!

The stronger individual has the potential to develop all the physical attributes needed as a combat fighter.

So how do you learn to acquire the skill of strength to help you maximize your performance?

Discover How Using This One Piece of Equipment Can Skyrocket Your Strength and Make A Dramatic Difference In Your Overall Athletic Performance!

We use the kettlebell as our tool of choice to improve our skill of strength for 3 reasons…

  • Kettlebells are more forgiving than barbells and dumbbells
  • Kettlebells are more convenient
  • Kettlebells teach you how to move fluidly like an athlete

Kettlebell exercises involve movements that use the entire body and because of the way the kettlebell is shaped, you naturally get pulled into alignment. 

Movement patterns for kettlebell training can be similar to the movements used in Martial Arts, whether you’re punching, grappling, throwing or kicking they all involve all of the same biomechanics that you will use in the Kettlebell for Fighters program 

For one, you are mimicking the true nature of your sport; lifting and maneuvering a person through force is exactly what you have to do with the kettlebells.

Training with kettlebells allows you to improve your SKILL OF STRENGTH as a combat athlete, NOT doing it in a traditional meathead bodybuilder sense, but as a fluid & powerful athlete.

So Are You Ready to Build Brute Strength, Develop Explosive Power and Improve Your Cardio Using One of the Best Pieces of Equipment and Training Systems There Is?

Introducing Kettlebell for Fighters - 6 Week Strength and Conditioning Program

Introducing Kettlebell for Fighters - 6 Week Strength and Conditioning Program

The 6-Week Strength & Conditioning Program Manual

In this 6-Week Periodized Program you will work on the qualities necessary to compete with and dominate the best - strength, power and most importantly POWER ENDURANCE. The Kettlebel For Fighters Program will leave you fresh and prepared to take on any opponent.

Instructional Videos For EVERY Workout

Funk & Chris take you through every series of workouts in the program so that you have access to tempo, specific coaching cues, rest periods and expectations of the program. It's like being personally trained by 2 of the best trainers in the world.

Fully Detailed Coaching & Tutorial Videos

Don't know how to use a Kettlebell? Don't worry! Chris - a 13 year training veteran - is a Certified StrongFirst Level 2 Girya and has worked with and learned from some of the best Hardstyle Kettlebell Instructors in the World - including Pavel himself.

With these Kettlbell Video Tutorials, you'll make sure you're doing everything with proper technique and learning a valuable skill that will carry over to your training for years to come!

"So What's This Program Going To Do For Me?"

The kettlebell exercises and workouts in this Kettlebell for Fighters program were strategically chosen to address the major needs of fighters...

  • Overall Strength

    Every combat athlete needs to develop overall body strength. In combat sports the body moves as one many times and so developing strength is important. Moves like the Turkish Get Up is the granddaddy of exercises that use full body strength and tension to perform.

  • Cardio/Conditioning

    Lack of cardio makes cowards of us all. When you are out of shape and conditioning is low, you will suffer both in training and competition. Some kettlebell exercises like the snatch will place high demands on your body and force you to develop cardiovascular output. We implement both workouts and exercises to help improve your cardio.

  • Hip Explosiveness

    One of the major attributes needed by all martial artists is hip power and explosion. The movement of grapplers and BJJ athletes generally stem from the hips, the power for punching and kicking is generated with hip rotation and in Judo, hip throws are dominant. In this program the core kettlebell exercises force you to use explosiveness through the hips using swings, cleans and snatches.

  • POWER (Explosiveness)

    Generating overall explosive power using speed and strength is prevalent in most combat sports especially wrestling and grappling for faster more explosive takedowns and defense. Also being able to tap into that power later in competition to finish your opponent is key.

  • Grip Strength

    The grip component in martial arts is another aspect athletes need to train. Using kettlebells will improve your grip strength and we incorporate pulling exercises to enhance your grip training

  • Isometric Strength Endurance

    BJJ and Grappling require you to have isometric strength endurance. The long duration of matches will push the lactic acid threshold (LAT). Some of the movements will require you to hold the kettlebell for extended periods and work on developing strength endurance.

  • Muscular Endurance

    Your muscular endurance will come into play if you are throwing hundreds of punches for example. You would rely on the muscular endurance of your shoulder for this element of the fight. Muscular endurance plays an important role in grappling and clinching during stand up for you Jui Jitsu fighters as well. Muscular endurance is the ability of a given group of muscles to execute contractions for an extended period of time, regardless of the weight. For example doing squats for 5 minutes will challenge the quad muscles.

  • Posterior Chain Strength

    Combat fighters tend to spend a most of their times using quad dominant movements, so the kettlebell exercises in this program will help to train the low back and the muscles in the hip, glutes, hamstrings making up the posterior chain.

  • Core Strength

    I am sure you have heard many times that everything you do stems form the core region and that its also true for fighters. Those athletes with weak a core will get expose very quickly and will fall behind in training and overall improvement. Kettlebell training puts a high demand on the core region, which will help you strengthen this region. Abdominal rotational and anti-rotational strength is important for striking, grappling and in throwing sports like Judo.

  • Unilateral Strength & Balance

    Most athletic movements are actually unilateral. This type of training will help with stability, balance and overall strength.

  • Shoulder Stability

    Shoulders are placed under tremendous stress when an athlete engages in physical competition. The only way to strengthen the shoulder joint and all the stabilizing muscles that surround is by performing overhead lifts.

Ultimately, it comes down to this one question...

"How HUNGRY are YOU to become the BEST at what you do?"

If you are tired of not seeing the results that you are striving for or your not making gains fast enough.

I am going to challenge you to take ACTION. Because, let’s be honest, most people never do.

You can either spend the next several years trying to figure out the best workouts to develop overall strength and conditioning — or you could take ACTION now.

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